Company profile Quality assurance Application Certification Service

Additional services on working time:

In order to adapt to each country's working time and timely response to customer,we provide 7-day 24-hour services.

Additional services on secure transaction:

1.For reputable companies to provide credit services.
2.For all customers to provide credit protection services.

Additional service on sales:

We have over 10000tons steel material in stock,we can guarantee timely delivery to customers around the world.

We can source the matching products which are related to the steel pipe and pipe fittings.

We can provide steel products processing,through in-house machining,we cut,blank,form and draw a variety of steel,stainless steel and high nickel alloys,crafting the product you need.

Our expert will offer the professional suggestion to the customers to achieve cost effective when the customers choose the material of the product.

Additional service after sale:

In order to solve the products technical and installation issue after sale,our company has one professional team to trace all products after sale for customers,this team will provide customers with the most professional advice and help.