NDT testing in application of steel pipe production

Mar 13,2018

No matter which kind of steel pipe, from seamless steel pipe, ERW steel pipe to galvanized steel pipe, from Jetsun steel  company, you can see that we have description for testing methods. Today, we would like to have a detailed introduction for NDT testing.


There are various testing methods from physical to chemical, such as chemical component analysis, mechanical properties (Ultimate tensile strength, Yield strength, Elongation), X-ray Test and so on. Non-destructive testing for steel pipe means that this kind of testing method would not damage or have influence for the performance of the steel pipe. Of course, there is no harm for steel pipe too as it would not change the internal structure of the material abnormalities or defects, the use of heat, sound, light, electricity. Through the methods of physical methods, the use of modern technology and magnetic, with the use of heat, sound, light, we can have a basic checking for the steel pipe. Finally, we would choose another testing method for the steel pipe to make sure the high quality of the steel pipe.