Common method of tube processing

Mar 08,2018

The following methods are widely used in tube processing:

1. Forging Method: The type forging machine or part of the tube ends to be washed and puts a diameter less common type forging machine has.Rotating, bar-type, roller type.

2. Stamping method: In the red bed with a tube with a taper of the cores will be extended to the end of the size and shape requirements.

3. Roller method: place the cores in the tube, with a wheel peripheral push for a round edge processing.

4. Rolling method: general do not spindle, suitable for thick-walled tube inside a round edge.

5. Bending and forming method: There are three methods more commonly used method called the extended method, another method called stamping method, the third roller method, a 3-4 roll, two fixed rollers, an adjustment roller, adjusting Fixed roll away, finished tube is bent.

6. Bulging method: one is placed in the tube of rubber, the top with a punch compression to pipe protruding shape; Another approach is hydraulic bulge forming, the central tube filled in the liquid, the liquid pressure to drum into the required tube shape.