Pipe and Pipe Fittings Cleaning Inspection

Feb 26,2018

The pipe should be cleaned and checked before installation. The dirt and impurities should be removed, and the appearance inspection should be carried out according to the current regulations of the country, and the unqualified shall not be used. The inspection of the pipe mainly has the following several points:

Check the specifications, quantities and marks of the pipe according to the design requirements.

If the objection to the quality of the book is not resolved, the batch of pipes shall not be used.

Whether the pipe has cracks, shrinkage, slag, folding, heavy leather and other defects.

Thread sealing surface, the machining precision and the roughness of the groove should meet the design requirements and manufacturing standards.

In grade SHA piping, the outer surface of the pipe with the design pressure equal to or greater than 10MPa shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the non-destructive testing.