What is Pipeline Beveled End and Why Use It

Feb 09,2018

Pipeline beveled end, to put it simply, is a joint surface with a specific beveled angle. In fact, it is processed prior to the welding of two pieces of line pipes, an angle formed at the edge of the end of the pipe with the help of a beveling machine.


Its foremost use is to achieve the best butt welding joint. Some pipes, especially those with great wall thickness, are difficult to be welded together due to low penetration. Even if joined together, they may not be deeply and completely welded due to the great thickness, so potential welding defect remains. Thus, when both ends of the pipes are beveled to form an angle, the thinner walls make it easier for pipes to be jointed together. Some filler materials will be put in the beveled space. The bevels increase their contact area, guaranteeing a better and deeper welding effect. Besides, pipeline beveling can be used to deburr the cut ends, making the pipes neat and tidy.